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Behind the Scenes

Radio Interview

Classic Business host, Michael Avery, and Deal Leaders Corporate & Advisory CEO, Andrew Bahlmann, discuss the latest insights into the world of business mergers and acquisitions.

Classic Business

The discussion includes:

  • shedding light on the remarkable performance of privately owned businesses amidst economic challenges in South Africa.

  • navigating the intricate due diligence process and preparing for deal negotiations with realistic expectations.

  • how the gap between acquirer offers and seller expectations is narrowing in today's market.

  • strategies for starting the deal process on the right foot, understanding transaction sizes, finding the right buyer and engaging with international acquirers.

  • the innovative tools that Deal Leaders use for financial analysis.

  • the types of buyers dominating the market and the significance of acquisitive growth strategies for trade buyers.

Listen now for expert insights and actionable advice.

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