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Selling Your Business is a Sales and Marketing Exercise

This is where the Deal Leaders model significantly differentiates itself from the other players in the market. Think of it this way: traditionally, there are two services offered in the market when it comes to selling privately owned businesses. At the one end, we have business brokers, who build a database of businesses for sale and try to match them with parties who show an interest in acquiring.

They typically sell most of their businesses to private investors and competitors. At the other end of the spectrum, we have corporate finance. They offer an invaluable service in providing support and structure to transactions, but I would argue that their strength is in the transaction rather than in getting the right parties to the table. I believe that both of these groups of advisers are missing the key ingredient: a sales and marketing intervention to find the right acquirer and to secure a deal that delivers maximum value to both parties. Another interesting way to look at this issue is to reflect on how you sell your products and services to maximise value for your business. Would you ask your accountant or auditor to assist? Probably not, since it is not their strength. Selling your business is a sales and marketing exercise and needs to be treated as such.


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