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Are you ready to sell?

The million-dollar question, which we are sure you have asked yourself many times, is when is the right time to sell?

Making the decision to sell your business is one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make. It seems like an all-or-nothing situation and in most cases, the perceived risks far outweigh the good stuff. 


Will having all the facts on the table before you have to decide whether you want to sell or not be a great help?

We know it will. That is why we have developed our business evaluation solutions. Our business evaluation and marketability assessment report provides a comprehensive analysis to ensure you can make a calculated decision on if or when to engage the market. These reports will answer the many questions you may be facing to determine the right decision for you, such as: 

What is the value of my business?

Is my business ready to sell?

Are there buyers out there looking for a business like mine?

Can I sell a portion of my business or must I sell entirely?

What do I do if I have a shareholder misalignment on selling my business?


For businesses with a profit of R15m-75m per annum

Business Evaluation & Market Assessment (BMA)

For businesses with a profit of R75m+ per annum

Corporate Evaluation & Marketability Assessment (CEMA)

On completion, you will have a thorough understanding of the value, risk, timing and acquirer appetite for your business prior to approaching the market.

Talk to us about our Marketability Assessments – without fail this presentation delivers a complete mindset shift in our clients who start to understand why our process is so powerful! 


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