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Navigating the Challenge of Succession

Succession planning is a crucial decision that demands thoughtful consideration. At DLI, we firmly believe that a deal often offers the best path forward, going beyond the conventional passing down through generations. 


In our recent webinar, The World of M&A: Putting Reality on the Table, we delved into the topic of succession. If you missed it, watch this short clip, which gives you a glimpse into the valuable insights shared. 

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Click on the button below to watch the full webinar.  

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June Feature Article

Our article further explores the topic of succession. As business owners approach retirement age, they face the inevitable question of succession planning. In the past, it was common for entrepreneurs to pass down their businesses to their children. However, times have changed, and the younger generation often seeks alternative paths or pursues their own entrepreneurial ventures.  


Read this month's article to find out how selling your business can help address the issue of succession.

We've made our website even easier to navigate.

Our website underwent an upgrade recently, bringing you a tailored experience that caters to your specific needs, regardless of where you stand in your journey. We have carefully designed the navigation to ensure easy access to the information that matters most to you. 


With our improved website, you can now delve deeper into our process and approach, gaining valuable insights into how we can support you. Whether you're not yet ready to sell, or if you fall within the mid-market or corporate and advisory categories, we have tailored resources to meet your requirements. 


Feel free to explore our website at

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Meet our Exceptional Team

Behind every successful business are the incredible individuals who make it all possible. We take immense pride in our talented team and we are excited to introduce them to you. 


We invite you to visit our Meet the Team page on our website and get to know the remarkable people who drive our business forward. This page serves as a window into our company culture, showcasing our team members' passion, expertise and dedication. 


Discover the different divisions within our organisation, each specialising in a unique aspect of our industry – from the deal team, financial analytics and research to operations and transactions – find out more about the roles and responsibilities that contribute to overall deal success. 


The Owner’s Metric: The One Number You Need to Be Truly Free 


Download your free copy of the eBook The Owner's Metric and discover the key to personal freedom. While money can't buy happiness, it can grant you the freedom to choose how you spend your time.  


In this eBook you will learn: 

  • How to buy freedom 

  • Eight attributes that drive the value of your company

  • The key difference between manager metrics and the owner's metric

  • What number you need to focus on to truly be free

In the Media

The hot topic in the media this past month has been around the impact loadshedding is having on businesses and M&A activity in South Africa, and Andrew was featured in several pieces to bring his perspective.

Podcast Interview

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Just Retail Article

Click on image to play.

Business Day Opinion Piece


Scope for Optimism on SA’s Energy Future

There is a powerful amount of intellectual property and ‘dry powder’ only being hobbled by red tape.

By Andrew Bahlmann


Dis-Chem faces new era as Saltzmans step back after successful 45-year journey

Andrew was asked to comment on the recent announcement of Dis-Chem CEO Ivan Saltzman stepping down, which also touched on the topic of succession.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Deal Leader. If you’re at the stage where you want to start talking about succession planning, don’t hesitate to contact us. Simply click on the CONTACT US button below.

Warm regards,

Rick, Andrew & the Deal Leaders team


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