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Recalibrating Valuation Strategies in South Africa's Tech Software Industry 

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In South Africa, where pragmatic bottom lines often dictate business strategies, there's a prevailing sentiment that many technology businesses may be overlooking. While rapid growth and hefty funding might be the norm elsewhere in the world, the South African market demands a different approach—one that prioritises recurring profitability over recurring revenue. This mindset has led to a re-evaluation of traditional valuation metrics, with a spotlight on earnings rather than just revenue multiples. 


While the conventional approach might focus solely on EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation), many tech and software companies emphasise the importance of recurring revenue rather than earnings. This flawed strategy assumes that a high revenue stream will automatically translate into a lucrative business valuation. However, the reality is far more nuanced. Investors and acquirers in South Africa are increasingly scrutinising the bottom line, seeking sustainable earnings and tangible profitability rather than lofty revenue figures. 


Central to this discussion is the concept of recurring revenue. In a technology-driven ecosystem, the definition of recurring revenue is often ambiguous. Clarifying the sustainability and predictability of revenue streams is essential for accurate valuation assessments. 


In addition, the dynamics of a software business demand a keen eye on development costs. Many technology businesses reinvest profits into development of software and products, but very few of them capitalise these costs to create a real asset on their balance sheet. In a business sale, it is essential to be able to identify these costs and present them as a capital investment rather than just another expense.  

That's where ValuationPLUS comes in. With our comprehensive approach to valuations, we offer invaluable insights into how to maximise value and readiness for a business sale.  


The true essence of success in the tech software industry lies in sustainable profitability. Businesses can unlock greater value and appeal to discerning investors by recalibrating valuation strategies to prioritise earnings over revenue. 


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