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How to Sell Your Business Profitably and Hassle-Free

If for whatever reason, you have decided it’s time for a change and you are considering how to sell your business, you can be sure there will be no shortage of intermediaries willing to offer their help. However, deciding whom to trust can be difficult, and the choices you make can significantly affect the outcome of your sale.

Selling your business is not difficult. But selling for maximum value, and making sure you have choice and control in the process of any equity transaction, is rare. It also requires experience and skill that even those who profess to be experts, simply do not have. The process will invariably take much longer and will not realise the true value of your company. Should you choose, instead, to employ a business broker, be aware that the value of the commission cheque will probably determine the effort spent on negotiating the best possible deal. So who will know best how to sell your business?

Before you even finalise your decision to sell, your first step should be to clarify precisely why you are thinking of selling and what you hope to gain from the transaction. You have probably invested many years building your company, and at Deal Leaders International we understand that your business is your biggest asset and your greatest life’s work. Before rushing into anything, discuss your options with a reputable merger and acquisitions advisor. Ask about how to sell your business while also achieving your desired goals.

The Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor

There are three crucial reasons for entrusting your sale to a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisor:

  1. You will receive the professional services of a sell-side specialist whose sole concerns will be protecting your interests and marketing your company to a select group of genuinely interested and qualified buyers.

  2. The M&A specialist will work with the firm’s legal and financial teams to negotiate the sale and the associated terms on your company’s behalf.

  3. The sell-side advisor’s role is not merely about how to sell your business but how to obtain the best possible price and an outcome that will fully meet your stated goals.

Depending on the motive for your sale, that outcome could entail more than just a substantial boost to your bank account.

If you have worked hard for most of your life to build a successful company and have accrued a substantial sum, you may only wish to liquidate your asset, retire and spend your golden years enjoying the fruits of your labour. An M&A advisor will help you to sell your business and ensure the right equity deal to meet your needs.

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to step away from your company’s affairs, or would like to expand the company’s activities or open some additional branches without financing the expansion personally. In each case, a merger could be the perfect solution, and, once again, an M&A advisor will be the ideal person to negotiate it.

Deal Leaders International is a sell-side advisory firm specialising in compiling and negotiating profitable exit strategies for privately owned businesses. When deciding how to sell your business and to whom, it is worth noting that DLI’s uniquely successful and innovative approach has concluded sales and mergers close to R1 billion in the last six months alone.

We apply significant resources to every business to ensure that your company is accurately represented, and the right parties are approached to give you the choice and control in fetching the best deal with premium value.


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