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You Don’t Have to be Ready to be Ready

In the dynamic world of business, making well-informed decisions is the cornerstone of success. As a business owner, you understand the challenges posed by the ever-shifting economic landscape and the importance of gaining a clear perspective on your operations. This means you do not need to be ready to sell to be ready to get a proper and accurate view of your business and how it is placed in the market, to ensure future growth and success. 

Feature Article:

The Key to Unlocking Your Business’s Full Potential 


This month’s article explores the transformative power of DLI's Business Evaluation and Marketability Assessment (BMA). It is not a typical review that merely extracts just enough information to approach the market, but rather a unique process that empowers business owners to shape their business’s future direction.

Our BMA answers burning questions that are on every business owner’s mind like:  

  • How much is my business worth? Will someone pay that value in the current market? 

  • How do I find the right buyer for my business? 

  • When is the right time to look at selling?  

  • How will a buyer assess my business and will they like what they see? 

Each business owner will have their additional questions, which need to be addressed before the right market approach strategy is determined.


Take a moment to read this article and discover how our assessment model could be the missing puzzle piece to optimise growth, make informed decisions and propel your business toward a brighter and more prosperous future. 

Due Diligence on Classic Business with Michael Avery

Due Diligence.png

There are often misconceptions or blind spots on the path to growth or exit that, as a business owner, you cannot always be expected to see. In this episode of Due Diligence on Classic Business, host Michael Avery and DLI Corporate & Advisory CEO Andrew Bahlmann discuss the value of DLI’s Business Evaluation and Marketability Assessment to paint a realistic and objective picture of your growth or exit options. Listen to the interview here by clicking the play button above. 

Reality on the Table

In DLI’s recent webinar, joint CEOs Rick Grantham and Andrew Bahlmann delve into this critical topic. Here are a few excerpts from their discussion: 


Click the button below to watch the full webinar recording and take the first step toward a well-informed and successful business strategy. 

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Deal Leader. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about how DLI can help you unlock the full potential of your business.

Warm regards,

The Deal Leaders Team


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