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Your Roadmap to Maximise Business Potential

The most powerful tools you, as a business owner, can have in the current business environment are knowledge and a plan. Deal Leaders International can help with both.

A valuation is a critical first step in deciding whether you should start the journey of an exit from your business. However, a traditional valuation does not really help if it does not answer the question as to HOW you will achieve the valuation in a sale. The ValuationPLUS solution has been designed to not only provide you with a sound valuation for your business, but also helps you understand how you could achieve this valuation in the sale of your business.

ValuationPLUS. More than just a business valuation. 

Business Valuation

  • Sophisticated valuation methodology

  • Comprehensive output

  • Referenced to current market conditions

Internationally Calibrated

  • Industry/Sector peer comparisons

  • Valuation tools used both locally and internationally

  • Recent international deal research to understand market activity

More Than Just a Number

  • Valuation ranges driven by informed assumptions

  • Thorough financial modeling allowing for shareholder and exceptional item adjustments

  • Realistic forecasting to ensure believable outputs

And the "How"

  • Market Approach Strategy to identify acquirer categories

  • Identification of value drivers to build future value

  • Strategic input into how to deliver maximum deal value

Whether you're considering a sale, seeking investment opportunities, or simply looking to understand your business's worth, we're here to guide you every step of the way.


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