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The Deal Leader

May 2024 | Volume 40
Pandea Global M&A Conference
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Deal Leaders International (DLI) Attends the Pandea Global M&A Conference 

By Andrew Bahlmann, Corporate & Advisory CEO, DLI 

Joint CEO Rick Grantham and I travelled to Copenhagen last month to attend the Pandea Global M&A conference. Pandea Global M&A is a global network of selected independent firms with a primary focus on the origination and execution of M&A activities.  


I am excited to share some insights gained from our recent participation in this conference, where deal-makers from around the globe gathered to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) landscape. 


For Rick and I, returning to Pandea was a nostalgic experience. Our journey with Pandea began back in 2019 when we joined their conference in Milan, presented Deal Leaders and gained acceptance. Fast forward five years and the growth has been evident. The attendee count has doubled, with over 60 professionals converging to exchange ideas and expertise. 


One of the most compelling aspects of the conference was the similarity of challenges and opportunities faced by M&A professionals, irrespective of territorial boundaries. We discussed the evolving risk landscape, longer transaction durations, and the delicate balance between risk and fees in deals. Interestingly, our European and UK counterparts seemed to navigate deals with greater speed, facilitated by transparent information availability and a robust buyer pool. 


Rick and I took the opportunity to showcase DLI’s latest innovation — a platform tailored for the Pandea network. This platform, designed to enhance collaboration and streamline communication, received a positive reception during our demo sessions. It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm for leveraging technology to augment deal-making processes. 


In addition, the conference served as a fertile ground for cultivating new connections and exploring potential partnerships. We identified promising buyers for our ongoing transactions, reaffirming the invaluable power of networking in our industry. 


Reflecting on the global landscape, we recognise a shifting risk profile, with South Africa emerging as an increasingly attractive investment destination. The active interest in our region underscores the importance of adapting to the changing dynamics of the global market. 


As we continue to evolve, our focus remains on leveraging our entrepreneurial spirit to drive success in the M&A arena. With a network spanning 31 countries and 33 partner companies, we are committed to harnessing collective expertise to navigate the complexities of deal-making. 


Lastly, we cannot overlook the enriching experience of immersing ourselves in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, where the conference took place. From insightful discussions to culinary adventures, the conference offered a perfect blend of professional growth and cultural exploration. 


In conclusion, the Pandea Conference was not just a gathering of deal-making leaders but a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of M&A. We look forward to capitalising on the momentum gained and continuing to deliver exceptional value to our clients. 

Pandea Global Footprint

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Last month marked a remarkable milestone for Deal Leaders as we celebrated our 7th year in business. ​


Our journey has been filled with challenges, triumphs and invaluable lessons that have helped shape us into the company we are today. We are incredibly proud of the relationships we've built, the deals we've closed and the impact we've made within the industry.  


As we reflect on the past 7 years, we extend our deepest gratitude to our clients, partners and team members who have been instrumental in our success. Your trust has been the driving force behind our growth and accomplishments. 

In the current landscape, we're thrilled to report an unprecedented surge in deal activity. Even amidst the approaching elections on 29 May, we're witnessing record highs of engagement. From our experience, elections seldom deter buyer interest. While sellers may adopt a wait-and-see approach, we find that starting the process early provides a strategic advantage, priming businesses for when the time is right to sell. 


Numerous industries are thriving, particularly the mining services, power, and distribution sectors, with great buyer interest both locally and internationally. Our latest deal activity highlights this trend, which includes businesses involved in equipment supply into the mineral processing space, diesel engine refurbishment for heavy mining equipment, drilling and blasting, and a consumables manufacturer. 

Similarly, the tech software industry is experiencing great interest. For those in this domain, understanding the important role of prioritising both profitability and revenue can be a game-changer, particularly when positioning your business for a future sale. 

To further investigate this topic, read our article: Recalibrating Valuation Strategies in South Africa's Tech Software Industry.

Celebrating 7 Years in Business

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Navigating Deal Execution Risk

Feature Article: 

deal execution

Explore the intricacies of deal execution risk in mergers and acquisitions with this month’s feature article. The allure of a high offer can often overshadow the importance of assessing the risks associated with closing the deal successfully.


In this article, we shed light on the critical factors that can make or break a transaction. Learn why choosing the right buyer goes beyond choosing the highest bidder. 


We trust you'll find this issue of the Deal Leader both insightful and engaging. Should you wish to find out the value of your business and when would be the right time to go to market, don’t hesitate to reach out.  

For more information about our valuation offering, ValuationPLUS, visit: 


Warm regards, 

The Deal Leaders team 


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