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Business Immigration and Exciting New Opportunities

Business immigration is creating new opportunities for South Africans. There was a time when South Africa was a magnet for expatriates searching for a better life. The prospect of lower prices, well-paid jobs and larger homes with swimming pools and months of sunshine drew people from all walks of life to our shores. Many employers were even willing to pick up the tab for travel and temporary accommodation for those with skills in short supply locally and their families. More recently, that trend has reversed. Today business immigration has become an option that a growing number of South Africans are considering.

There has been a steady trickle of this country’s residents seeking their fortunes overseas since the troubling events of the mid-1970s. However, the July unrest of 2021 and fears that this might have been the harbinger of more disruption and destruction, have led to that trickle becoming more of a surge. Traditionally, the inhabitants of Gauteng comprised the majority of would-be leavers. Today, however, people in other major South African cities, including Durban, have joined the queue of those seeking business immigration opportunities

While Australia is often mistakenly thought to be the most popular destination for those leaving the Republic, the majority of South African expatriates live in the United Kingdom. However, the stringent entry requirements for Australia are often a barrier, and job opportunities in the UK are fewer than in pre-pandemic years. Nevertheless, owners of successful companies can often open doors to the system that remain closed to job seekers. With the help of a dependable mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisor, many have achieved a new life through business immigration.

Interestingly, Canada is now recognised as one of the countries that are most eager to welcome immigrants into its community. During this year alone, while others are reducing their quotas, the giant North American nation plans to admit 400 000 successful applicants from overseas countries, including South Africa. This year’s target is part of an ongoing bid to boost Canada’s comparatively small population by 1,4 million by 2023. Educational visas offer those who qualify the prospect of a job and eventual citizenship, and there are also opportunities for work-seekers with existing qualifications and experience. However, applicants seeking business immigration can present a valuable addition to the country’s economy and are particularly welcome.

While we all hope and pray for a peaceful, stable and prosperous future for our country, the exodus is likely to continue for as long as the undercurrent of political unrest persists. Until then, many more of the country’s companies appear determined to join the ranks of those that have already established themselves elsewhere. If you are also planning to join them, you would be well-advised to consult Deal Leaders International. The company provides professional advice and assistance with compiling and implementing business immigration plans that work.


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