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Trust is the cornerstone of a successful deal - trust in the process, trust in the professionals involved, and, ultimately, trust that your goals will be achieved. 


It’s essential to establish clear objectives from the outset and to resist the temptation to move the goalposts mid-negotiation. Recognise that the outcome is uncertain, and flexibility is key. Being prepared to accept certain terms while keeping your overall goals in focus allows for a smoother negotiation process and enhances the likelihood of a favourable deal underpinned by trust. 

Building and Managing Trust 


Trust is fragile, especially in the high-stakes environment of M&A. Managing trust throughout the negotiation process is essential for a successful outcome. This is where having a seasoned specialist by your side becomes indispensable. At DLI, we've walked this path many times before and understand what is acceptable in terms of risk and negotiation points. Our experience allows us to navigate through clauses that may seem significant to the untrained eye but are, in reality, standard components of M&A agreements. 


Strategic planning and execution are also key when embarking on the journey to sell your business. A key aspect of this is aligning your financial strategies with the goals of a successful sale.  

Am I ready to sell?


This is the million-dollar question, which we are sure you have asked yourself many times. How you answer the four questions below will help provide clarity.

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Find out how you score on sale readiness by answering 4 quick questions in our Sale Readiness Assessment.


As the financial year comes to a close, the opportunity to strategically position your balance sheet becomes paramount, especially if a sale is on the horizon. We recognise the significance of presenting a balance sheet that not only reflects the true value of your business but also grabs potential buyers' interest.  


In this month’s article, discover valuable insights and expert tips on organising financial statements, optimising assets and liabilities, strategic cash management and the power of timing your business sale. Learn how to align budget projections with sale goals and explore tax-efficient strategies for the upcoming fiscal year.  

Preparing the Balance Sheet for a Sale 

Feature Article: 

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To celebrate our two CEOs, Andrew Bahlmann and Rick Grantham, both sharing birthdays in February – and Andrew’s being the big 5-0 this year - we thought we’d have a fun and personal Q&A session to find out more about what makes them tick when they’re not facilitating deals in the world of M&A. 


Happy Birthday

Andrew Bahlmann

Q: What's your go-to activity during downtime? 

A: I love reading and find myself reading multiple books simultaneously. Dad duties include attempting grade twelve maths with my daughter. 

Q: Dream holiday destinations? 

A: Beach or bush. I enjoy wildlife, so I love the African bush. If it’s a beach, it’s got to be an exotic island. Either way, as long as I can unplug.  

Q: Preferred mode of travel?  

A: A cruise is a great way of seeing many destinations with only unpacking once.  

Q: Any culinary skills in the kitchen? 

A: I find joy in cooking and exploring various culinary avenues. 

Q: Favourite music? 

A: Africa by Toto, but I also love blues and jazz, and Journey. 

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Rick Grantham

Q: What's your go-to activity during downtime? 

A: I love to run every morning. I'm on a mission for a full year of daily 2 km runs. Call it an addiction, but it keeps me moving! 

Q: Dream holiday destinations? 

A: Mountains or beach, the eternal vacation dilemma with my twelve and thirteen-year-old boys. Camping dreams persist, but the Drakensberg, Mozambique and the KZN coast are top on our list. 

Q: Preferred mode of travel?  

A: I prefer off-road driving. Put me behind a wheel, and I'll drive for days. 

Q: Any culinary skills in the kitchen? 

A: I love cooking, but not in the kitchen. Braaiing is my forte; the kitchen, not so much. 

Q: Favourite music? 

A: I love music, but sadly I'm music clueless. Alexa helps me out.  

IMG_8456 2.jpeg

There you have it! A glimpse into the lives, preferences, and quirks of our CEOs in this playful Q&A session. 

We welcome you to get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat should you wish to discuss your business goals or explore potential M&A opportunities in 2024. 


Warm regards, 

The Deal Leaders team 


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