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The Deal Leader

March / April 2024 | Volume 39
Business Valuations
Your Roadmap to Maximise Business Potential 

The most powerful tools you, as a business owner, can have in the current business environment are knowledge and a plan. Deal Leaders International can help with both.

A valuation is a critical first step in deciding whether you should start the journey of an exit from your business. However, a traditional valuation does not really help if it does not answer the question as to HOW you will achieve the valuation in a sale. The ValuationPLUS solution has been designed to not only provide you with a sound valuation for your business, but also helps you understand how you could achieve this valuation in the sale of your business.


Sophisticated valuation methodology | Comprehensive output | Referenced to current market conditions



Industry/Sector peer comparisons | Valuation tools used both locally and internationally | Recent international deal research to understand market activity



Valuation ranges driven by informed assumptions | Thorough financial modeling allowing for shareholder and exceptional item adjustments | Realistic forecasting to ensure believable outputs



Market Approach Strategy to identify acquirer categories | Identification of value drivers to build future value | Strategic input into how to deliver maximum deal value

ValuationPLUS. More than just a business valuation.

Whether you're considering a sale, seeking investment opportunities, or simply looking to understand the value of your business, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Feature Article: 

Why every business owner should know what their business is worth, even if they’re not ready to sell 

Why every business owner should know what their business is worth.png

Knowing where you stand is paramount for business success, especially in times of uncertainty. This month’s article dives deep into the importance of business valuations, even if you're not considering selling your business. 


Gain strategic insights into the advantages of a comprehensive valuation and how it can help to gain clarity amidst uncertainty, identify growth opportunities and build resilience, transforming your business trajectory.  


Click the button below to read the full article.


Behind the Scenes Discovery Day a Resounding Success

Our latest 'Behind the Scenes' discovery day was held on the 13th of March and proved to be a great success, offering attendees an exclusive glimpse into the complex due diligence process and preparing for deal negotiations with realistic expectations. The event drew a diverse audience of business owners and entrepreneurs eager to gain invaluable insights from our team.


Attendees were treated to a comprehensive overview of the art and science behind selling a business. The agenda was carefully curated to cover key factors, industry insights, and proven techniques that distinguish Deal Leaders in facilitating successful business sales.


Our interactive sessions allowed attendees to engage directly with our team, providing invaluable perspectives and practical takeaways.


Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing appreciation for the depth of knowledge shared, leaving them feeling equipped with newfound insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of selling a business effectively.

Classic Business host, Michael Avery, attended the event and sat down with Andrew Bahlmann to discuss the latest insights into the world of business mergers and acquisitions.


Listen to the interview by clicking the play button below. The discussion includes:

  • shedding light on the remarkable performance of privately owned businesses amidst economic challenges in South Africa.

  • navigating the intricate due diligence process and preparing for deal negotiations with realistic expectations.

  • how the gap between acquirer offers and seller expectations is narrowing in today's market.

  • strategies for starting the deal process on the right foot, understanding transaction sizes, finding the right buyer and engaging with international acquirers.

  • the innovative tools that Deal Leaders use for financial analysis.

  • the types of buyers dominating the market and the significance of acquisitive growth strategies for trade buyers.


Listen now for expert insights and actionable advice.

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10 Key Insights into the Deal-Making Process  


New Chapter-2.jpg

When it comes time to sell, there are business owners deeply attached to their businesses, often likening them to their own children. They've nurtured and grown them, pouring in immeasurable amounts of blood, sweat and tears. So, when the time comes to consider parting ways with this labour of love, it's no wonder that the decision weighs heavily on their minds.


We get this. We understand the gravity of the decision you're facing. It's not just about the financial implications; it's about relinquishing something you've put your heart and soul into, something you've built from the ground up. 

Read the full article by clicking the button below.


Understanding the nuances of the deal-making process is crucial for navigating this complex terrain. Here are 10 essential insights to guide you through the journey: 

Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Selling Your Business


Meet the Newest Member of our Team 

We are thrilled to announce another impressive addition to our team. Welcome Nitish Mudgal. Nitish is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder. He holds a Master’s of Commerce, a postgraduate Diploma, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Sciences. His notable qualifications show his dedication and commitment to excellence.  


With a career spanning several years, Nitish has accumulated extensive experience in auditing, financial services, private equity and operational finance. His expertise in financial analysis, valuations, investment evaluation and corporate research will undoubtedly contribute significantly to our team. 


Beyond his professional endeavours, Nitish's passion for financial markets and technological advancements is inspiring. He is always looking for new opportunities and remains committed to staying ahead of industry trends. His collaborative spirit and dedication to building meaningful relationships within his professional network align perfectly with our values here at Deal Leaders. 


Welcome, Nitish, to the Deal Leaders family. 

Nitish 4.jpg

Whether you're exploring potential exit strategies, seeking investment opportunities, or aiming to understand the value of your business, we're here to provide expert guidance every step of the way.


Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation chat should you wish to find out more.  


Warm regards, 

The Deal Leaders team 


Get in Touch. Let's Chat.

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