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The Deal Leaders Difference

No matter if you’re looking for a full sale, part sale or the right strategic partner, we will find the right buyer for you. Every business owner needs an exit strategy… a roadmap. At some stage, you’ll want to de-risk your business and externalise your wealth. And when you do, you’ll want to maximise your value.

Deal Leaders International partners with clients to grow their business, extract value or exit through a strategically sound equity deal. Our approach is all about you, the seller. What’s important to you is important to us. We only triumph when you do.

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Market-proven Insights
and Strategies Into Exiting Your Business

We understand it’s not just a business to you. We get it represents massive sweat equity and is most likely your biggest asset. You’re not just getting out, you’re maximising your legacy. And you only get one shot.

Gain insights into the complexities of selling your business to empower you to execute a successful transaction.


The World of M&A
Putting Reality on the Table

Find out more about our process and discover valuable insights into how to sell a business of value.


For us,
it is Personal

The road to selling your business is an intricate and complex one. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses and use proven processes executed by a specialist team who is determined and committed to finding the right buyer and the best deal. We do this by taking the time to understand our clients’ businesses and needs through the development of real relationships. 


is in our DNA

We are entrepreneurs in the M&A space. Our entrepreneurial DNA always ensures that we adopt the approach of ‘how we can’ versus ‘why we can’t’. It means we get you. And we have an exceptional team with functional expertise to deliver.


Global Reach


We have developed a strong international network in over 20 geographies around the world through our Pandea Global M&A network, and our alliances with CapEQ and Onyx in the UK to give you unparalleled access to a pool of

high-net-worth acquirers and strategic partners.


The Decision to Sell Your Business Shouldn’t be an All or Nothing Situation

Our  evaluation and marketability assessment solutions provide a comprehensive analysis of your business and the market to ensure you can make a calculated decision on whether your business is ready to take to market, what the right time to approach the market is and whether there is an active buyer’s market out there for your business.

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Due Diligence on Classic Business with Michael Avery is sponsored by Deal Leaders International.

From investment planning to wealth and market commentary, Classic Business demystifies a range of pillar topics that underpin the South African economy and inform our daily lives. Deal Leaders Corporate & Advisory CEO Andrew Bahlmann joins host Michael Avery every Tuesday at 6pm to discuss the latest happenings in the M&A market.

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14 February 2023

Edify Enoch with a pre-budget wishlist for dealmakers


What our Clients Have to Say


I don’t recommend people lightly but am happy to recommend Deal Leaders due to an excellent experience. Their integrity was above reproach and they secured us the result promised with better terms than we anticipated. 

– Sandy, Client


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